Who’s Doing The Dishes?

From Masterchef to Come Dine With Me and more recently The Taste, participant based cookery shows are plentiful in the TV schedules. Last week ITV aired its latest offering – Who’s Doing The Dishes? – where four contestants work as a team across five-days to guess the identity of their celebrity host. Continue reading

Summer Food Festival has something for everyone

What is traditional Irish food?

Potatoes or cabbage might spring to mind and while flavoured rapeseed oil and almond butter does not exactly roll of the tongue when considering typical Irish fare, these were a few of the products on offer at the Taste of Summer food festival in Belfast.

The sun was shining on Saturday, August 9 as local food and drink traders set up stalls in Saint Anne’s Square granting the public a rare opportunity to buy directly from producers. Continue reading

A Taste of Peru

I always wanted to travel and see the world and after five-years of continuous employment in Autumn 2009, (anyone with 20 years plus service will surely recoil in horror at such a statement) I decided it was time for a short sabbatical from the world of work.

I set off on a five-month back packing adventure with a like minded friend to explore South America and the United States.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

We spent three-months in Cusco, the old Inca capital of Peru, nestled high in the Andes Mountains volunteering at an orphanage.

This was the perfect base to explore an area steeped in history and the highlight was overcoming my fear of heights to complete the four-day trek to the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu.Our self-catering digs above the orphanage where basic. We had a two ring gas hob, a kettle, one saucepan and a few plastic plates, cups and cutlery.

This was primitive living but a humbling experience which made me appreciate home comforts and appliances we take for granted like the oven and fridge.

Close to our accommodation was a market with an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit and spices. Access to these ingredients and my two ring hob brought out my creativity and inventiveness when preparing meals and Peru strangely is where I began to hone my curry making skills. Continue reading