Who’s Doing The Dishes?

From Masterchef to Come Dine With Me and more recently The Taste, participant based cookery shows are plentiful in the TV schedules. Last week ITV aired its latest offering – Who’s Doing The Dishes? – where four contestants work as a team across five-days to guess the identity of their celebrity host.

Each day the contestants are blindfolded and driven to the home of a celebrity who becomes their private chef for the evening and creates a three-course menu – each dish provides a clue that should point towards their identity. If contestants guess correctly they win £500 towards their prize pot for the week and the celebrity is doing the dishes, if they guess incorrectly – the contestants are washing up. In week one of the series, celebrity hosts included Louis Walsh, Amy Childs, Bobby George, Claire Richards and Jo Wood. The contestants were a mixed bunch with Tracy – self-proclaimed group leader and guru of all things celebrity, Simon –  too young to recognise any celebrity pre 2000, Brian – too old to recognise any celebrity post 1980 and Annie – a life coach with limited celebrity related knowledge. The bickering and bitching that followed between contestants as they worked to establish who their famous host was, did bear a slight resemblance to Come Dine With Me, but what sets this series apart is presenter Brian McFadden. Brian, the one who left Westlife, is a surprise hit as presenter. He is likeable, fun and easy going; and his jokey style puts contestants and the celebrities at ease giving the programme a light hearted air that makes it perfect day time viewing. On Monday’s episode Brian found himself the butt of the joke when the four contestants could not name a single member of Westlife – including him. Former manager Louis Walsh was the celebrity host and  when he produced a ‘make it your own’ chocolate fondue ensemble for dessert, the contestants did not click this was one of the X-Factor judge’s most over used phrases. At the end of last week’s five dinners, the contestants went home with £1,500 having failed to guess Louis Walsh and Bobby George correctly. The programme airs at 4pm on weekdays and is obviously aimed at house wives and not the ‘working nine to five’ audience. I have it series linked and if you crave a little light entertainment to ease you into the evening after work, this is worth a watch. If next-week’s contestants and celebrities are as entertaining remains to be seen, but I doubt anyone would object to Mr McFadden doing the dishes. Who’s Doing The Dishes? airs Monday to Friday on ITV at 4pm.

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